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The Proactive Difference

Besides the experience the owners of Proactive Legal Solutions bring to the table since 1980, we have and will continue to be an active daily participant in operations. This ongoing participation ensures that our employees and contractors perform their duties effectively. The team at Proactive Legal Solutions work and manage process servers to ensure top quality and reliable results.

Why Choose Proactive Legal Solutions?

1. You deserve to know the complete status of your project on a daily basis without having to inquire.

2. The team at Proactive Legal Solutions can provide you with certified process services, licensed private investigation and record retrieval services allowing you to focus on core activities in your legal practice. We service law firms and insurance companies throughout Texas and across the country through our nationwide network of associated firms. Our full line-up of services can ensure the most positive outcomes for your cases and can streamline investigative and management processes for your professional staff.

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