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Mobile Notary

Because many legal documents require the services of a notary public to guarantee the authenticity of signatures and identities, the friendly and courteous litigation support experts at ProActive Legal Solutions can provide you with expert mobile notary services designed to suit the way you manage cases today. Our mobile notaries are committed to providing you with prompt and accurate services to ensure that your key documents are completed on time. This can provide you with the added support you need for all of your legal cases in Texas and across the United States.

The Role of the Notary Public

The National Notary Association defines the position of notary public as an official appointed by a state government official. Notaries public must be of high moral character and are called upon to verify the identities of individuals who sign legal documents and to serve as witnesses to those signatures. They must also ensure that the individuals signing these forms and documents are doing so without any duress or restraint. ProActive Legal Solutions can provide your law firm with the best and most reliable mobile notary services throughout the state of Texas.

Comprehensive Help for Your Legal Team

Outsourcing your notary needs to our proven team can free up time for your administrative and paralegal staff while ensuring that all required signatures are obtained properly and in a timely manner. The team at ProActive Legal Solutions also offers a full range of litigation support services designed to suit your law firm’s needs, including the following:

  • Subpoenas delivered by certified legal process servers in Texas
  • Access to our network of professional process servers across the U.S. and in select locations overseas
  • Retrieval of prescription histories with a signed and notarized HIPAA authorization form
  • Administrative support for copying, printing, collating and scanning documents
  • An innovative online interface that allows you to access your service requests and completed documents at any time and from anywhere with a secure Internet connection and a computing device
  • Duplication and editing of audio and video recordings
  • Court reporting services in real time or from recorded media

Our civil process servers can provide faster service than Texas constables, allowing you to enjoy faster turnaround on your documents and to deliver improved service for your clients in managing their cases. ProActive Legal Solutions can streamline all of your litigation support activities to allow you to focus your attention on the core functions of your law firm.

At ProActive Legal Solutions, we specialize in delivering services that offer real value to your firm and that free up time for your staff members. By working with us, you can ensure the fastest turnaround for your requests and the most effective use of time and money in accomplishing necessary tasks. Our legal experts can deliver the right solutions for all your administrative and document management needs.

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