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Tricks of the Trade: Why Your Law Firm Needs Professional Skip Tracing Services

In the legal field, locating individuals who would rather not be found constitutes a major challenge. Working with a company that specializes in skip tracing for law firms can provide real help in managing a number of key tasks. Houston process servers provide a number of important duties for attorneys that may include some or all of the following:

  • Skip tracing for defendants, witnesses and other persons of interest in legal cases
  • Delivering paperwork to the proper individual and recording the successful delivery of these documents
  • Providing Proof of Service, also known as an Affidavit of Service, to the attorney or law firm that requested process service
  • Filing court documents on behalf of their clients

By outsourcing these tasks to a professional skip tracing and process service company, Texas law firms can reduce the workloads of their administrative staff and can streamline their workflows for greater productivity. This can allow legal enterprises to achieve increased profits in the local marketplace.

Modern Technologies Provide Added Support

Modern technology has had a significant positive effect on the ability of Houston litigation support companies to track down defendants and witnesses. Social media sites can often provide valuable clues as to the whereabouts of those who otherwise might be difficult to locate. Industry databases can also offer help in establishing places of employment, residence and other key facts. Online telephone directories can provide addresses for landline phones and increasingly offer information on mobile phone users as well. Many of these resources, however, require ongoing subscriptions and a degree of expertise in using them effectively. Establishing a working relationship with a professional legal support team can ensure the fastest results for your skip tracing efforts.

Old-School Methods Still Produce Results

Along with the array of high-tech information tools available to Houston legal process servers, a number of time-tested methods are still in use by professional skip tracing companies. Some of the most common strategies include the following:

  • Searching public records, including marriages, births, divorces and criminal charges and proceedings
  • Contacting family members, friends and other references to determine the whereabouts of the individual
  • Obtaining credit information for the missing individual that includes employment and residence data
  • Checking college alumni directories at the institutions attended by the target individual

Persistence is usually the key to achieving the desired results in the skip tracing and collections field.

Benefits of Professional Litigation Support

Along with the advantages of expert skip tracing, companies that offer litigation support solutions can often provide other services for legal firms. Working with these agencies can provide significant benefits, including the following:

  • Improved data security for sensitive client information
  • Reduced exposure to liability and other risks associated with process service
  • Added convenience and reduced time spent outside the office
  • Overall cost savings resulting from more appropriate use of staff time
  • Increased success rates in locating defendants and witnesses and in serving them with subpoenas and other legal documents

By streamlining administrative duties in the office setting and freeing up time for other tasks, law offices can concentrate on core activities that can enhance staff productivity and improve the financial position of the firm.

Outsourcing your skip tracing, litigation support and process service tasks to a specialty firm with a history of success in this field can not only allow your staff members to achieve higher productivity but can also provide your legal practice with significant cost savings over time. By working with an experienced litigation support service, your Houston law firm can reduce the time needed to locate and serve process on your targets. This can save you time, effort and money when managing your legal cases and can ensure the best possible outcomes for your valued clients.

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