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Texas Process Servers’ New Legal Code of Conduct

Earlier this year, the Texas Process Servers Association (TPSA) alerted its members to the news that a new Code of Conduct was on its way. Among the provisions, the new code of conduct requires the following:

  • Respect must be shown by the process server.
  • Returns of service must always be accurate.
  • Process servers must not work in any other capacity for the law firm they are serving documents for.
  • Process servers must remain objective.
  • Process servers must always continue their education in order to improve their service skills.

Certain other items referenced in the new code are already required in other states. For example, under the new code, process servers cannot wear a law enforcement uniform or display a law enforcement badge to those they are attempting to serve. Likewise, a process server must not exaggerate his authority or position with the court.

When fully implemented, the Code of Conduct will apply to all process servers certified pursuant to order of the Supreme Court of Texas. Any violation of the Code of Conduct may subject a process server to discipline by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission.

These new rules are good for the process server industry because they will continue to encourage ethical behavior among process servers of our state. Process servers are recognized as a key part of the Texas judicial system. Serving as a process server will always be a privilege, and the professionalism required by this new code, will ensure that we will continue to respect the ethical rules that come with that privilege.

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