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Moving Your Documents to an Online Repository

Your law practice can enjoy a numerous benefits by using an online document repository. Choosing to move your documents online will allow your firm to benefit from substantial cost savings and allow you or any member of your staff to work from any location at any time.  This move would give you an opportunity not only to gain operational efficiency, but also to keep cases current as you steer them through time-consuming litigation.

If you store your litigation and other law firm data in-house, you and your personnel will have to take time away from other important duties within your firm. On the other hand, if you store your data online, you could possibly save an amount equal to the cost of a new server each year. As you probably know, maintaining a traditional server also ties up your valuable cash.  Conversely, with off-site storage, you can pay as you go, allowing you greater choices in managing the economics of your law firm.

In addition, you and your staff will be able to focus on the lifeblood of your practice – – your billable hours. Often, IT-related tasks can take up to 25% of your time; however, using remote storage and management you can get you back to more important tasks. An off-site repository also protects you from losses due to flood, fire, and theft risks.

So give yourself peace of mind and allow us to make your law practice better. With our litigation support, you can delegate some very important work to trusted professionals who know your business and how to meet your legal needs.

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