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Legal Research

Legal research is an essential activity that typically requires a significant amount of time and effort on the part of your legal and paralegal staff members. At ProActive Legal Solutions, we can provide you with legal research services to reduce your workload and ensure the fastest and most accurate results for your ongoing cases. Our legal professionals can help you manage your cases more effectively while allowing you to focus on key activities related to your core mission. The expert team at ProActive Legal Solutions can perform searches on major databases to find relevant precedents and case law decisions to support your staff in and out of the courtroom setting.

Professional Litigation Support

We have more than 35 years in the Texas litigation support field. This wealth of experience allows us to provide you with expert legal research services that address your ongoing needs in the most effective and timely manner possible. We also provide you with a cutting-edge online interface through which you can order our services and access your documents and data securely. Our online document repository allows your staff members to log in from anywhere and at any time, day or night, to download necessary information and to manage your current service requests in real time.

A Full Array of Available Services

Along with our legal research services, ProActive Legal Solutions also offers a full range of adjunct services for the Texas legal community. Our legal process servers are certified and experienced, allowing us to provide faster service and more reliable results for your law firm. We also maintain a working relationship with an extensive network of civil process servers nationwide to ensure that your documents are managed correctly and in a timely fashion. Our administrative staff can provide prompt and confidential copying and scanning services for your documents, ensuring that your law firm stays in compliance with all applicable retention and storage requirements. ProActive Legal Solutions can provide you with experienced court reporters to manage depositions and produce transcripts quickly and efficiently. Whatever your litigation support requirements, we can deliver the solutions you need to succeed in the Texas legal community.

The entire team at ProActive Legal Solutions is committed to helping your law firm manage all your litigation support needs. Our process servers provide the fastest possible results and routinely outperform the Texas constables in our state in terms of on-time delivery for our clients. We also offer mobile notary services that offer unmatched flexibility for you and your legal team. By allowing us to assist you with your ongoing legal support activities, you can free up time for your key staff members while enjoying the best service in the Texas legal industry. At ProActive Legal Solutions, we deliver the best services at affordable prices to allow your law firm to Get Your Document Served Today.

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