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Legal Documents Retrieval Outsourcing Can Help Your Law Firm Achieve More

Managing administrative tasks in your legal practice can represent a significant drain on available staff hours that can end up costing you both money and time over the long run. Outsourcing some of your administrative workload to Houston process servers and litigation support specialists can free up time for your key personnel. Enlisting the help of an outside firm to manage legal document retrieval can be a solid step toward increasing productivity throughout your working environment.

What Is Document Retrieval?

In the legal setting, document retrieval refers to a number of necessary processes:

  • Locating the desired public records
  • Retrieving and copying these documents
  • Obtaining certified copies of original documents for use in the legal setting
  • Delivering these documents to the law office in a timely fashion

Legal document retrieval services can locate and copy the records your law firm needs to pursue its cases effectively and to ensure the most complete information before heading into the courtroom to represent your clients.

What Documents Can Be Retrieved?

Texas litigation support specialists can locate and retrieve almost any court record or public proceeding for their clients, including the following common record types:

  • Records of court proceedings to include criminal convictions and acquittals
  • Public records that include birth and death certificates, divorce records, bankruptcies and probate rulings
  • Real estate records, including sales, foreclosures and ownership transfers
  • Personal and income tax records
  • Driver’s license records
  • Trademark and patent searches
  • Retrieval of research materials from law libraries and other repositories of legal documents

By outsourcing your document retrieval to a company that specializes in these activities, you can save time and money over the long run.

How Document Retrieval Works

Depending on the location of the records, Texas process servers may use a variety of methods to retrieve documents and information for your legal firm:

  • Subpoenas may be used to obtain records from private individuals and corporate entities.
  • Birth certificates and other documents can be obtained through records searches and requests from public agencies.
  • Documents available through the court may include bankruptcy proceedings, criminal records and accounts of other legal actions.
  • Legal search services can identify relevant precedents that can be used to support your ongoing cases.
  • Driving records can usually be obtained directly from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Permission from the driver in question may be required for release of these records.
  • Financial information may also be available with the appropriate releases and forms.

In most cases, the original documents must be copied and certified as accurate and true reproductions. Some litigation support companies can then upload these documents to a secure server to allow your staff members to access the information more quickly. This can boost productivity throughout your legal operation.

Experience Makes a Difference

Companies that provide litigation support for Texas law firms can generally provide faster and more efficient service for your document retrieval needs. Because these legal experts concentrate on retrieving necessary documents for their clients, they can quickly become proficient in dealing with court requirements and obtaining documents in the fastest and most practical manner possible. By choosing to outsource your litigation support duties to these professional companies, you can not only free up extra time for your valued staff members but can also enhance the personal service you provide for each of your clients.

Entrusting your Texas document retrieval and delivery tasks to a proven litigation support company can ensure that you deliver the best possible representation and the most responsive customer service for your clients. By focusing on your core legal activities, you can achieve improved results for existing cases and can free up time to take on new clients and cases. This can help your law firm secure its position as an established leader in your local legal community.

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