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Cost Savings and Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Research Services

Legal outsourcing is one of the decade’s fastest growing industries. Today, more than 50 percent of attorneys say that they have outsourced research and litigation support tasks. Nearly 90 percent of large firms and 60 percent of mid-sized firms use legal process outsourcing (LPO) providers regularly. Many groups plan to outsource more tasks to Houston process servers and on-shore litigation support teams in the next two years. These time- and cost-saving companies are part of a $1 billion industry that is poised for exponential growth in the coming years. Increased earnings are driven by complex e-discovery methods and a desire among businesses to control legal expenses.

Cost Savings

Some 85 percent of clients say that they have achieved significant cost savings from legal process outsourcing. LPO can effectively handle jobs that traditionally required large in-house teams. It is a tremendous time saver for skilled lawyers who would otherwise spend hours on mundane, time-consuming legal research.

Outsourcers can perform many functions that are overseen by managing lawyers. In fact, a new generation of corporate lawyers specializes in managing outsourced legal teams and delegating work to remote experts.

Because multiple businesses can use the services of one remote legal team, the cost of hiring local workers to perform labor-intensive tasks is minimized or eliminated completely. Outsourcing helps reduce legal expenses and increase the retention of cost-conscious corporate clients. In some cases, it can support a larger profit margin.

Technology and Best Practices

In addition to saving time and money, legal research outsourcing gives lawyers access to the latest technology, secure document storage services and research tools. Clients can take advantage of these services without the need to develop their own infrastructure. Plus, Texas civil process servers have an extensive network of connections to ensure that documents reach the correct destination even if it is in another part of the country.

Outsourcers who specialize in litigation support can assist with due diligence, documentation, e-discovery, document storage and transcription. Researchers can also locate precedents and find examples of relevant case law in multiple databases.

LPO providers fill the need for professionals with advanced certifications in computer forensics and digital evidence management. They also offer access to the latest technology for protecting sensitive documents and ensuring the veracity of key evidence.

Expanded Capabilities

Nearly all firms that have used outsourcing say that the decision improved their services. With an existing LPO contract, firms have direct access to non-attorney experts who specialize in various research and case management services. This wide pool of talent can increase the quality and scope of a firm’s services without the need to recruit new employees. For example, a lawyer does not need to hire Texas process servers or independent copyright searchers separately when an LPO provider offers these services in one package. Outsourcing also lowers the workload of busy sole proprietors, and it gives firms the option to use outside experts for ongoing projects or for a single case.

Services and Rates

With so many services offered under one roof, on-shore outsourcers can perform multiple functions. Legal and administrative services, such as surveillance, printing, collating, process serving, research and document retrieval, are available with a competitive hourly cost or an upfront flat rate that improves budgeting and cost control. Plus, on-shore outsourcers offer high-quality work with a fast turnaround to customers anywhere in the nation.

Outsourcing is expected to increase among small and mid-sized firms as well as Fortune 500 companies and large corporations that can benefit from a combination of experienced senior in-house counsel and customized outsourcing. With all of these benefits, legal professionals and experts from LexisNexis and the American Bar Association believe that outsourcing will be ever-present in the near future.

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